Citizen Senator of Indiana

David Storer

Candidate for Citizen U. S. Senator from Indiana

Independent Conservative,

Naval Academy Graduate, Retired Navy Veteran


Candidate for

One-Term Citizen U.S. Senator

For six years I will owe allegiance to no political interest, but to the Citizens of Indiana.


The Power of Congress is weakened by special interests that will have no sway over Citizen Senator Storer's votes for six years. I am self-funded only, and ask for no financial support.

"I make a personal commitment to YES votes on only bills that will protect the future of our children and grandchildren and the freedom of the citizens of Indiana, to provide for the common defense of America, including our borders, while voting NO on bills that do not control government spending, currently too broadly expanded under the provision of the general welfare clause of Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution."

Dr. David G. Storer, O.D., USN Retired

On November 8th, Write-in "Storer" on your Ballot.

Vote Against the Washington Status Quo (Latin for "the Mess We Is In").


Phone: 219-662-1145